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November 01 2017

The Two Months of Christmas

So, I originally said i was going to limit Christmas gifts, but looking at my current list, that kind of didn’t happen.


I’m going to start on gifts starting this weekend, mixed in with other things. As December approaches, the focus will shift to more Christmas gifts, until i can get everything done.

I’ll post as I go, and reblog everything when it’s all done.

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Happy Halloween everyone.

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Other Halloween doodle is Hex, because of course

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Halloween doodle for https://twitter.com/Kaibuzetta

October 31 2017


Give me doll waifus, ball joint or otherwise

October 30 2017

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No arms version cause I think dolls look nice without arms….don’t ask…

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Quick Micha sketch

I love you.

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NSFW comms!

Ya’ll already know which one’s were my fault.

October 29 2017

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quick semi-monochrome thing for @epsellis

October 28 2017

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overdue commission for a friend on discord 

October 25 2017

XCOM2 - YouTube


It’s been over a year since we did this, but I wanted to post this again after being reminded of it again.

@kokido @ferrousoxide @foxymayo @eikasianspire @glitchesnskellies @kelltain and some others were present in these

October 22 2017

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And did a big Nui for @stygianapogee

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Super sized Micha.

October 21 2017

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Art trade with @lelmon.


Stream in a bit.

October 20 2017

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Got my print from @morganagod today.

October 17 2017

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Ball Expansion is really REALLY nice and good. Feels good I hear too.

For @ferrousoxide


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Micha work doodle.

My bologna has a first name~
It’s the first three digits of your social security number~

(via tacopocalyptica)

“My bologna has a second name.

It’s the rest of your social security number”

October 13 2017

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Bday gift for @pride-kun

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