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October 06 2017

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Oh yeah, I forgot to post this, didn’t I…

Micha commission.

Thanks again!

October 05 2017

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Got my cards in. I have a lot of extras I didn’t take pics of to give away over time.

October 02 2017

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I’m starting to think @ferrousoxide is manipulating random.org or something, because his entry has been picked for yet another shortening. Seaport-hime this time. Which has kinda been on my to-do list anyhow. I’d probably have started playing Kancolle if I’d seen abyssals first. Those designs are WAAAAAAAAAAY better than anything else I’ve seen out of the game.

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Commission for @ferrousoxide of Leiur from Symphogear!!

Thank you!!!

October 01 2017

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Commissions for Ferrous, first one is Micha Jawkan from Symphogear GX and the second one is their OC Amaretto~

Thanks again!!!

They look great!

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I’ve been drawing all morning and everything i’ve drawn looks like shit

so take this for now


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OK SO I POSTED A WARNING EARLIER i hope people read it and/or blacklisted tags F

but here’s my half of an art trade with my good friend @ferrousoxide !!


Thank you Lel, ilu.

I’ll work on my end tomorrow!

September 27 2017

Got 6 more to do on the comms and trades lists.

This has taken me a lot longer than expected, partially because I over estimated my abilities, and partially because life stuff keeps cropping up eating away from my designated drawing times.

I’ll have everything finished soon hopefully, and then gonna focus on some gifts and personal drawings I want to do.

August 27 2017


We formed a band named “Cirque de C4″ and we’re going to hold anti-establishment concert complete with a statue demolition as pyrotechnics in our D&D campaign

Our hit single is named “Thunder Bear” and it’s being performed by a doom bard with a calliope.

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Trade with @sirphilliam

I’m not the best at furry/scalie.

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ザッシュ2号さんのお題箱 https://odaibako.net/u/zassyu2_ero #odaibako 

Request box

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Belated spawning gift for @ferrousoxide

Big dolls :U


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Akri update.

She’s bigger now.

August 26 2017

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ザッシュ2号さんのお題箱 https://odaibako.net/u/zassyu2_ero #odaibako

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ザッシュ2号さんのお題箱 https://odaibako.net/u/zassyu2_ero #odaibako

No stream today.

Have to babysit my lil sis on short notice, so I’ll only have a couple of hours I can actually spend drawing on my computer today.

Next weekend’ll be better cuase labor day.

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 A special Commission gift for my DOLL FUCKER group @mergeritty and @ferrousoxide! ;) Micha and Garie in some swimsuit with a massive breast expansion size!

Art was done by @ilustretsspoks


August 24 2017

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All the hentai commissions of the autoscorer dolls from the series Symphogear GX! here have them all in order as they appear in the anime series ;)

1: Phara Suyuf

2: Leiur Darahim

3: Leuir Little Sister

4: Garie Tuman

5: Micha Jawkan

This is also a tribute to my group on Discord The DOLL FUCKERS featuring my buddies @mergeritty and @ferrousoxide to show my love to these sexy dolls that deserve some hentai as much as they need!

all of these drawings were done by @witchking00


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