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June 10 2017


  • Twitch Plays D&D 
  • Twitch uses a hammer 
  • Twitch writes a novel 
  • Twitch has a chat with a mormon child

June 09 2017

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Not really NSFW, nor is it a commission. 

I just want @ferrousoxide to reblog me

and it is done.

June 08 2017

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I am contractually obligated to tiddy at least one new character per season,

June 07 2017

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It’s @kokido‘s birthday.

June 06 2017

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A sketch from Patreon stream yesterday. Did a lot of sketches actually, but I don’t want to flood your inbox so I’ll be spreading them out throughout the week.  

Thanks again MG!

And for those of you following me who haven’t taken a look at morganagod’s stuff yet, you should go do so.

June 05 2017

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For some fucking reason random numbers really like @ferrousoxide. This is the second time he’s got an autoscorer out of me doing this. It also seems like he’s the primary member of the Symphogear fandom if you go looking refs up, jeez.

Also, I wanna mention something; I’ve held off on mentioning it because, I mean, if anyone knows there’s others more deserving of attention it’s me, and I’ve brought a couple of other people up, but, if you think I do decent stuff, and wanna tip me, you can support me on Patreon, or Paypal. Not really any incentive I can provide you with, aside from still just drawing stuff. 


June 04 2017

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Comm for @sheldog21


Actually, fuck it, let’s start taking shortening entries again. For those who don’t know how this works from before, think of it as a different version of TFT @vilcurio does. Send characters, I pick one at random from that pool as bustloli. It’s that simple! Only rules I have is not sending characters who already fit the criteria, and do not send YOUR OCs (Sending someone else’s is fine, in fact, encouraged, as long as they’re okay with it)

I’ll toss Leiur out as a suggestion.

June 01 2017

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Ayyyyyyyyy! Thank you!

May 31 2017

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Sketch commissions

A batch of sketches for @ferrousoxide your local doll fucker.


Thank you thank you!

May 30 2017

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commission for ferrousoxide! Micha(left) and Garie(right) from Symphogear with a couple of major upgrades


Thanks again!

May 29 2017

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And a comm for @ta0m2

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Bukkake Micha because @ferrousoxide and I give each other bad ideas


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First comm for @darkstar413

Big hips.

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Fast belated bday doodle for @tequila-koopasarts.

Still warming up to my new set up.

May 27 2017


Pricing can be found in my commission info page:


If you look through my art tag, a majority of it would be defined as cleaned up lines with flat colors, if that helps you decide.

There will only be 5 slots for now, and I plan on starting them on Monday, after I’ve taken care of a couple of doodles I owe some friends.

Contact me through ask/submit, or by twitter dm or deviantart note. Make sure I have someway to respond back to you.

Those that have me on discord, may contact me there.

I’ll sort through offers after dinner with my father.

Commission post to come tonight after dealing with work, and visiting my dad. 

May 25 2017

I have internet.

Commission update will come tomorrow.

May 23 2017



Who’s been wanting me to go back to drawing stupid huge boobs again?


The chorus grows louder.


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some Autoscorer girls for @ferrousoxide !

Thank you so much!!!!!

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