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February 02 2018

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Big Futa Ryuko for @sinensian

January 29 2018

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Streaming requests

Patreon Pixiv Twitter


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Waist reduction edits requested by @darkstar413.

Second edit didn’t turn out as well.

January 28 2018

Hey, bro, you wanna go glacing?

(via tacopocalyptica)

Only at a glacial pace.

January 27 2018

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Thicc grunt for @mergeritty

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I drew more big dolls for @kazuyadraws, since he likes big dolls.

I also like big dolls.



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Been eyeing @Ferrous’s stuff recently, and he got me in the mood to draw big dolls.

So here’s some big Garie.

Ayyyyyyyyy thank you man!!!!!

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Doodled some Tatsuta’s for @burningcore

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tan wife with variants

I love this, I love you, I love Mich.


January 24 2018

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Micha Jawkan is such a great teaser! 

Thank you @hiryoumanfan for this commission pic! :D

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Tried another muscle edit.

Not as good as the first, and not many scenes work for muscle edits.

January 23 2018

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Big Micha.

January 22 2018

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Tiddy monster Chris requested by @asmono

I’ll take symphogear edit requests.

Just note that they’ll be done randomly when I want something to work on, but don’t have the energy for other things. so might take a while to do.

Ya can toss specific scenes at me via submit.

January 21 2018

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Stronk Garie


The robot @ferrousoxide is playing in our campaign has a higher charisma score than a succubus

I’m gonna make people shit their pants in fear.

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Miku tiddy edit by request of @ladyinverse‘s wife.

January 20 2018

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Big Garie.

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Doodled some 15 for @gyarusatan.

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And thank you @mergeritty for the shirt.

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