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August 07 2017

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Simple and easy:

Reblog to enter, 1-2 winners for similar pieces you see around here! (nothing super complex)

I’ll be picking the winners… when I feel like it!

Might as well try my luck, and also signal boost twrlare. They draw good.

Workload update

With what I’ve finished this weekend I now have:

8 comms to do.

7 trades to go.

A couple bday gifts for friends.

If I can do at least 4 per week/weekend, we should be clear to finish up everything by early September.

August 06 2017

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Doll leggy for @ferrousoxide

Thank you!!!!


My half of a trade with @ferrousoxide. It involves his doll waifus, specifically Leiur and her sister. Since it’s for Ferrous expect hyper, extreme hyper. Specifically hyper futa. There’s also incest and dick growth. Also me knowing fuck all about symphogear and swinging it. I hope you doll fuckers enjoy!

Leiur approached the test site, wind ruffling her two toned hair. She had learned of this project recently and had to see it herself. As she entered she was that the building was heavily labyrinthine on the ground level, no doubt to make infiltration difficult. She wandered the halls, eager to see the secrets within. Many scientists and engineers saw her, but were all too afraid to say anything. The only one that attempted to stop her received a coin through their shoulder, as a warning not to interfere. As she walked further she saw schematics and blue prints along the walls. A quick analysis showed they were fake, but no one would have time to analyze them on base if they weren’t welcome there. Clear decoys, but the designs on them gave her ideas. She felt a pressure grow between her legs. Some reminded her of Pharah, others of Micha, even a few of Garie. A scientist greeted her at a door.

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Trade with @thetruerarkher

August 05 2017

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Look at what i got from @mergeritty

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Clear double-sided acrylic charms for sale!

Signal boosting and reblogs are greatly appreciated!

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I still draw I swear

Garie and Phara in the bottom left and Kirika and Chris in the bottom middle are due to me.

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Doodled one of Ferrous’s contributions to the Esper stuff to figure out how I’m showing her. His version is here. There were some design requirements that he missed because of his own interests, but that’s okay, it was still usable. There are others to get to still. I’ll get to those but I need a nap.

Joining streams is a bad idea. It’s just flaring up everything that caused my previous depression already.

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Part 2 of the trade with @robotic-alien-dude

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Trade with @mergeritty

July 08 2017

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And obligatory tiddy versions,

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Largest cock I’ve ever drawn for @burningcore/ @secondarycore

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Futa 15 for @buck-satan

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Trade with @tonyallenlast



Gonna work on draws. 

And have random videos on in the background

Still goin.


Gonna work on draws. 

And have random videos on in the background

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Did this as a warm up, but it drained most of my energy.

July 05 2017

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Got a lotta packages on display

Amarreto be in there, second to last.

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